Sunday, August 16, 2009

What Julia taught me.

For my birthday this year, my youngest daughter gave me a handwritten coupon for a movie night with her, her treat - the popcorn too.  So tonight we went to Julie & Julia. She got all dressed up and we had a great time. Apart from the stray F word and the shirtless love scene (she covered her eyes) the movie was great for young audiences.  It was the second time for me and the themes that hit me the first time were even more prevalent the second.

One of the best parts is when Julia Child has not yet found her niche. She decides to take hat making lessons (She likes hats). She takes Bridge lessons (She like Bridge). She has a great look on her face during these scenes where she knows this isn't right, but doesn't know what else to do. I wonder how many of us think we're in our own hat making lessons or bridge lessons. We know what we're doing isn't right but don't know what else to do.  What hats are you making?

The other great part of the movie is in the struggle. Julia struggles to get her book published, being told many times along the way she has no talent for cooking or she'll never be able to teach anyone anything. For 8 years she strives to finish missing deadline after dealine. Eventually she thinks it's for naught when the publisher turns it down. She laments, "Maybe it was just something for me to do." Anyone in that chapter? You're striving but there's no clue as to whether it is going to amount to anything.

I don't know if there's hope in this or not.  Not everyone who strives succeeds.  I guess there's encouragement that for those who do, it didn't come easy either.

cook well,

Rob Barrett

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