Saturday, August 22, 2009

Dinner and a Rub

If you've ever wondered what dinner is like at our crazy house, here's a little glimpse.  Not every meal is like this but way too many are.  

Tonight I'm working on a coffee/cocoa rub for pork so I made 1 pork chop with a rub from Great Lakes Tea Company (a great and known entity) and 1 pork chop with my own rub. Tonight is my first go at it.

Rob's Coffee and Cocoa Rub
2 spoonfuls freshly ground coffee
2 spoonfuls unsweetened cocoa
2 sp. brown sugar
1 sp. salt
1 sp. minced onion flakes
1/2 sp red pepper

I rubbed it on the pork and also some ribeye.  

I also am working on a new citrus marinade for shrimp;

the juice of one orange
the juice of half a lime
2 sp canola oil
1 sp sugar
1/2 sp salt
a little black pepper 
and a couple shakes of red pepper.

I marinaded a pound of 16-20 ct shrimp and then grilled them up.  Ellie cut up some peppers, I made some rice and we were ready to go.

We invited over some friends, as there was a lot of food, and I got feedback from everyone. The rubs got good ratings as well as the shrimp.  I need to make some adjustments but it's a good start.

a little bit of everything.

So that's how we roll.  If you've ever around during meal time, be sure to call, there may be testings we could use your help with.

Rob Barrett
Cooking for Dads

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  1. These all sound as though they would be very tasty. Your a brave and creative man Rob Barrett with all of this cooking out of the box, and especially with your invitation to people to critique your "experiments":-). Just kiddin Rob, they all look and sound delicious.