Wednesday, December 29, 2010

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Thursday, December 23, 2010

How to make Ice Globe Luminaries

Here’s how to make these cool candle lit ice globes.

1. Live in MN or somewhere unreasonably cold.

2. Get some 12″ balloons and fill them with water. Put them out on the deck to freeze.

usually takes 2 nights to freeze completely

I had better luck putting them on a hard surface than in the snow. The snow gives it a little rounder shape but also insulates the bottom part, making the freeing uneven.

3. Peel off the balloon. Take a drill and a 1″ bit and drill one hole straight down the middle. Then place the edge of the bit on the edge of the whole and mover around the edges widening the hole. (See video)

Drill out the hole

4. Use a propane torch to melt away the scratches or other scuff marks on the outside and in the hole.

use a propane torch to smooth the surface

5. Lite a candle and put it in the globe for guaranteed winter fun. Use small candles without a metal base rather than tea lights. The metal tends to melt the globe and make the hole longer or completely through.

be a light in the darkness

Here’s a rough vlog on how to do it.

Take pictures of your globes and send them to

Have a great winter. In 4 more days the nights get shorter and the days longer!!

Rob Barrett, Jr.