Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tuna Nachos, Need I Say More

Sometimes I get strange ideas.
Normally, my wife just shakes her head but I've had enough lucky hits that she's started to just say,"Go ahead, you never know."

So I had this idea for Tuna Nachos and also Tuna Pizza. I mean, what's the worst thing that can happen. (see previous 46 posts)

First I made some normal nachos for my eldest daughter who doesn't like seafood, and also in case the tuna ones are gross.

Pile o chips.

Melt some cheese under the broiler with the plate on the middle rack. Careful, it's hot.

Add left over sloopy joe meat or any kind of meat or chili. Put back under broiler for about a minute to heat up the meat.

Remove and add vegetables and salsa. Yum.

I recently found these Frontera chips that I really like. They are great for nachos, just a little thicker than normal chips.

Now do the same thing with Tuna.

Pile 'o Nachos

Add just a little cheese, include some fresh mozzarella, melt under broiler for a minute or so.

Now add sliced tuna (salt and pepper) and Tzatziki sauce. (Greek sauce from Costco)

Place back under broiler until tuna just starts to brown (about 30 seconds).

You want the under sides still raw if possible.

Add some pomegranate seeds serve. Yum.

We also did a tuna pizza that wasn't as successful.

Pizza dough with olive oil, green onions, fresh mozarella cheese, cook for 6 minutes or until just browned. Add tuna and Tzatziki sauce and place under the broiler until the tuna just turns, about 30 sec. Add some Pomegranate seeds.

Serve hot. It was fine, I experimented with the dough a little and that wasn't the best, but the tuna part and the sauce were good.

Definitely try the nachos if you're game.

Cook well.

Rob Barrett