Thursday, August 13, 2009

5 Dates in 5 Nights, or How to Have a Second Honeymoon Week

For 2 weeks this summer my wife and I have had the previously unthinkable priviledge of both kids being at camp at the same time.  In other words - NO KIDS! We've called them honeymoon Week No. 1 and Honeymoon Week No. 2. (I know, original) We planned a fun date every night so the week wouldn't just go by with us watching TMZ and Seinfeld. We've walked around lakes, seen movies, and discovered our new favorite way of eating out.

Happy Hours, early (3-6) and late (10-12).

Usually the price for food is in half and there are drink specials as well.  Not being big drinkers, we've mainly gone for the food, mainly.

If you're in the Twin Cities area, here are some we've gone to and liked.  If you live elsewhere, go to and search for your city.  It's a great site.

Figlios - Uptown Great food and no drink minimum.  We had the pizza and the Mini burgers and they were both great.  $3 for 2 mini burgers and fries, where else can you touch that! The selection was limited though.

Figliio's Mini Burgers and Fries.

McCormick and Schmicks - Edina

No drink specials (the city doesn't allow it) but amazing food specials.  $1.95 for a half pound burger and fries, $2.95 for Catfish Nuggets.  Everything on the menu we wanted. There is a $3.50 drink minimum but it's worth it. This is one of the best ones out there.

Chino Latino

Two words, great but loud.  The food was unique and inexpensive. The room was so loud it was hard to talk, hard but not impossible. Chino makes its own tortilla chips and they are worth the trip. We had one of everything. (stressful day makes for hungry Barretts) The best part was the Empanadas with the Pico - crunchy, spicy and meaty.  Some of the Sushi selctions looked amazing. Overall, really good. Next to McCormick and Schmicks this was my favorite.


The Kung Pao Wings - 9 for $3

Woody's Grill - Plymouth

The service was excellent but the food values weren't as good as some other dates we went on.  For instance, the miniburgers were $4 and didn't come with fries. They have a bottomless glass of wine for $6.95 (we didn't get one) and some amazing buy one get one free deals for an early supper (3-5) or maybe a late lunch,  The food was tasty, just the portions were too small.

Woody's Firecracker Shrimp.

Kincaids - Bloomington

They just cut the prices of a lot of their food in half, you still get the full portion, but the food is a little old. There are some nice things, but the last two times we went the food was disappointing. 

So if you've got a free night, or you've just locked your kids in a closet. go to a local happy hour and eat cheap.

Live well,

Rob Barrett


  1. We happily enjoyed a great HMW with the guys at camp. Totally agree about Kincaids. Found the food disappointing, service so-so. McCormick & Schmicks was good.

  2. The problem with Kincaids is every time we go, we're the only ones in the bar, yet when we order our food it takes way too long. When it comes it's like it has been under the heat lamp for all that time we were waiting. Just bring out the FOOD!!! We're the ONLY ones here!!