Wednesday, August 19, 2009

How Not To Save Money On A Date Night

We weren't planning on a date night, but my friend Peter lent me his car for a quick trip and I ended up keeping it all day. When you have a Porsche Boxster you have to take advantage of it. Since it had been a long time between date nights for us (almost 4 days!) I went to the grocery store to buy a quick meal. Then we piled in to the Boxter to cruise the lakes and enjoy one of our favorite picnic spots. The weather was perfect.

But the meal was the most expensive in recent history - $29. You would think a grocery store would be cheaper than a restaurant but not in this case. A loaf of warm French Bread, 2 small salads, a cheese spread, 2 plums, a small desert, and a small sushi roll came to $15 dollar a person. We got out of our happy hour deals almost always in the teens or low

 twenties. Hmmm. 

I will admit the scenery was better than any of the restaurants. I'm just surprised that the grocery store (which will remain anonymous - Byerly's, oops) was so much more expensive.

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  1. wow $29 is the most expensive meal in recent history for date night? I guess you are a cheap date. Of course our date nights are $8.20 for cheap coffee and tea with icecream at Perkins.