Monday, September 14, 2009

Listening to my body, the first quarter

So I'm reading this new book about eating raw and listening to your body. It sounds really interesting and has lots of nice, pretty pictures. There was a lot of stuff like, "your body knows what it needs, just listen to it, it will crave what nutrients are appropriate and necessary."

I've been trying to incorporate a few of the eating raw tips over the last couple of days.  Just some little things here and there, a carrot here, an apple there.

On Saturday, I'm in the middle of a tough 26 mile bike ride and it hits me around mile 20 I haven't eaten anything in since breakfast.  So I stop at Byerly's, one of our great grocery stores in MN, and decide I'm going to walk around and "listen" to my body, let my body tell me what it wants. 

As I walk by the deli aisle, my body already knows what it wants.  Fried Chicken! 

I decide to keep going and walk by the sushi section. Nothing

How about some fruit or veggies? Mmm, apples.  My body is silent.

Even in the salty snack aisle my body only says one thing and now it's shouting. Fried chicken or maybe some Wings!. Rats, this isn't working. 

So I head over to the deli window full of hot, juicy, crispy pieces of wonderful.

I pull out my wallet.

I take a deep breath.

I grit my teeth, close my eyes and say, "I'll have the sushi with the brown rice."  :-(

Soggy, tasteless, mush. Maybe my body was right.

Mind over matter, Mind - 1, Body - 0. End of the first quarter.

Rob Barrett

Cooking for Dads

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