Monday, July 20, 2009

Steak As Therapy, or Keeping It Simple

I have an itch, and it's an itch only a steak can scratch.  

We just came back from a 3 day concert/camping festival. Each night when we'd get back to the campsite the guys next to us would throw some steaks on the hibachi ...  at 12 midnight.  How could I sleep with that wafting through the tent? So today we got back home and I hopped on my bike and headed to our local grocery store for some red meat: a ribeye for me and strip steaks for the girls. (Life isn't fair) Since I biked there I allowed myself to splurge on some real meat.

I decided to keep it simple, no marinades, no rubs, nothing fancy, just kosher salt and fresh ground pepper.  Steak at it's finest - plain and simple just like God designed it.

But then...

Hmm, that Signature Beef  Seasoning by Lunds & Byerlies would be really good, too, Maybe just a little of that.

You know what would be really, really good, is some onion powder sprinkled over the top, and just a little more pepper.  How about some....


I had fallen into the trap.  Too much of a good thing. 

So I grabbed control of my culinary enthusiasm and hit the grill for 4 minutes a side on medium high heat. 

Some red potatoes and a great salad by my wife (with Litehouse Jalapeno Ranch Dressing, our new fav) and it was a meal to sooth the itchiest beast.

Now if I could only find those guys from the campsite.  This is a steak!

Cook well.


  1. WOW Rob, you really outdid yourself with these steaks, they look fantastic and delicious. I can almost smell and taste them from the photos. Steak is one of my favorie foods.

  2. Chick, you are too kind. I do like my new Canon A1000.