Saturday, July 11, 2009

Mom's Gone And The Kids Will Play

Today we kept alive a tradition.  This morning my wife left for Dallas for the week.  So tonight my daughters and I went to the grocery store, Roundy's in our case, to stock up on supplies for while she's gone.  The rule is the girls can get the things that mom normally won't let them.  Tonight I got off pretty easy with only 2 boxes of Pop Tarts ending up in the cart as far a processed sugar, a loaf of Wonder bread (that's mainly sugar in my book) and quite a few bags of chips amongst the bounty.


The other thing they really wanted was good old fashioned spaghetti.  I normally like to try the more exotic noodles like the oriechette, penne and even the new mini fusilli's by Barilla.  Spaghetti! you must be kidding me.  But we bought a box of it and they were so excited we made it tonight with just a basic Newman's sauce with some leftovers  and a little cream thrown in.


And you know what, it was kinda fun.  I forgot how good just regular spaghetti can be. It's like comfort pasta.


I need to make sure that in all the business of trying new things I don't forget about some of the tried and true ones.  Although I'm not touching that Wonder Bread.


What are your favorite shapes and or brands of pasta.  I've recently been impressed with some of the Target (Archer Farms) pastas believe it or not.


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