Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Food Inc, or get ready to hold on to your cookies

There's a film out there that I'm sure probably falls into the category, "Things you wish you never knew."  It's called Food Inc and it lays bare the dirty little secrets we don't want to know about America's Food industry. (i.e., the bad things in a twinkie, I'm sure, duh.) 

I'm all for knowledge and eating healthy but the previous work by one of the narrators, Eric Schlosser, "Fast Food Nation" was manipulative and biased.  This movie smells the same way.

The surprising fact is that Chipotle is helping to promote it. The chain will sponsor free screenings across the country and will even give out promotional items at its stores.  (I'm thinking fake plastic vomit)

Reuters says, "Bringing this message about America's food practices to consumers gives Chipotle an opportunity to showcase its eco-friendly "food with integrity" philosophy."

Remember "Fast Food Nation" was all about slamming McDonalds and how unhealthy its food was.  Now the chain McDonalds started, Chipotle, is helping Schlosser get his particular brand of nausea out to its masses.

Next up, Bizarre Foods and Twinkies in a strategic partnership.

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