Friday, June 3, 2011

Crispy Egg and Cheese Sandwich or How to Fry an Egg

There are a couple keys to these sandwiches.

1. Get a good non-stick pan.  Not having to add any oil or butter when frying an egg is a huge saving in the calorie area.  I love my Anolon Advanced.

2. I've used quite a few different cheeses but this Kirkland Mexican mix really works well.  You'll find that shredded cheese crisps up better than big pieces.

3. You can also do this with rolls or bread, but I really like these 100 calorie English Muffins.

Here's the Calorie Breakdown.
1 egg                               70 calories
1 english muffin            100 calories
1 thin strip of bacon        40 calories
2 T of shredded cheese   80 calories
1/2 t of butter                  30 calories
Total -                           320 calories

Cook well and enjoy.

Rob Barrett
Cooking for Dads

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