Thursday, April 8, 2010

Burger King vs. McDonald's vs. Subway - Breakfast Sandwich Show Down

There's a war a brewin' and it's not in the middle east.

It's in the USA and it's over your breakfast buck. Recently BK has touted stealing the recipe for the Sausage McMuffin with Egg from McD's, saying it's not original but it's a buck. (McD's has price matched although that is not reflected on the menu.) Subway has entered the breakfast sandwich fray as well with both muffin and flat bread breakfast sandwiches.

So who's winning? Who will be king of the hill for your fast food breakfast buck.

Recently our esteemed panel of judges headed out in my jeep for a Muffin Sandwich throw down. We ordered sausage, egg and cheese version at each place 2 sandwiches, one for eating hot and fresh at the drive in window and another for dissecting at home. While it was a close call, there were significant differences.

Winner - BK Breakfast Muffin sandwich. Best over all taste and best sausage. $1.00 Nutritional info coming.

Close second - Sausage McMuffin with Egg. Slightly buttery aftertaste with strange egg texture pushed it in to second. $1.00 (currently) 450 calories, 27 g fat.

Last place - Subway Egg Muffin Sandwich with Sausage. Not a lot to like and the most expensive. $2.45 nutritional info coming

The differences between the firs two were in the sausage and egg. Everyone liked the sausage in the BK sandwich better and while the egg in the McMuffin tasted more like an egg, there is always a unnatural rubberiness to those McDonald's egg circles. The muffins were very similar with McDonald's doing the best job of toasting it. They get a small amount of brown right around the edge. It gives it a nice crunch.

The Subway sandwich was much more greasy and had much less taste. To be honest it would have fared better if we had added the veggies but that wouldn't have been fair. The egg part was the least flavorful of the three. Unlike their other sandwiches, they don't make the bread fresh on premises.

The egg parts are all from different origins. While they all claim to use real eggs, the McDonald's and Subway sandwiches both get the egg part delivered by truck twice a week. The BK people cook up the egg fresh on premises and we thought that came through, although they use an egg mixture they get from corporate.

So enjoy that BK sandwich while it lasts. Actually make one at home.


  1. Pretty creative! Good excuse to go get breakfast, too! I've been making my own Egg __Muffin lately, using a whole wheat English Muffin, toasted, a slice of canadian bacon, heated, (you could fry it, but I don't), and an egg, cooked in the microwave (yes, they do occasionally explode, so poke them with a toothpick, and cover them in a bowl with water, and put a plate on top of the bowl--cook on high for 2min. 40sec, roughly, or a little longer). Sometimes I add a slice of American or Cheddar cheese. This is a great breakfast, and with the protein, really gets ya going in the morning!
    Thanks, Rob, for all the great cooking shows, and recipes!
    Wendy @ Faith's Firm Foundation
    P.S. I never did tell you where the peeler at the State Fair was: when you're sitting watching the Saint Agnes Baking Co. show with Klecko, (I hope you do this), it's just over and through the doorway into the merchandise mart. My family has conflicting memories as to how far in, and how many turns, but it is to the right. Not hard to find:)

  2. You guys hear of ?