Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Prime Rib on a Hamburger Budget

Prime Rib in a 2010 World.

Recently I've done some experimenting with the salt crust cooking method. I've wanted to find some alternatives to the Prime Rib roast that taste great but aren't as expensive. I've had good and bad times and I know what it's like to not be able to afford Prime Rib roast even for Christmas. (I remember not being able to afford meat for long periods of time.)

So here are two options.

Watch this video to learn about cooking with a salt crust (great taste and not salty) and then try it with these options.

Advanced Prime Rib Video

Chuck Roast: $3.26 a pound or less.

As you can see it came out great. The taste and texture was wonderful although you have to cut around some of the fattier, tougher parts. Easy to do and you can save a lot.

Bottom Round Roast $2.86 a pound:

This worked well when it was cut thin and was hot, but once it cooled it got tough.

So those are some options for a nice tender roast for that big meal that won't break the bank.

Cook well and have a Happy New Year.

Rob Barrett


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