Saturday, November 28, 2009

What to do with Thanksgiving Leftovers

I love turkey sandwiches. Once in college by roommates and I made a turkey after Thanksgiving because we had missed out on the leftovers back home. but after a couple days, the meat is a little dried out and I could really use a new version.
Enter the Thanksgiving Leftover Calzone. (My sister taught me this)
You make a basic pizza dough (see video) and then layer on one half,
turkey, (keep layers small)
mashed potatoes
and some bloops of cranberry sauce.
beat one egg and brush it over the top.
Cook it at 350 for 15 minutes or until just brown.
Slice it and pour gravy over the top.
I have the whole recipe in this video, including the dough.
Try it, it is surprisingly good.
Here’s the video
cook well, It’s worth it.
Rob Barrett

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  1. Hey Rob,
    You can imagine our surpise when the famous cooking for dads wrote on our blog!
    I try and teach my guys to be 'real' guys and although my daughter and I love to cook your web-site gives it to my guys in a tough, funny guy way that I encourage in my little men.
    Thanks for your great cooking tip and just know that on thanksgiving we had you on our screen cooking our turkey which turned out perfect..

    we love ya,
    Robin from Just a family