Monday, December 21, 2009

Fast and Easy Christmas Appetizer recipes

I was recently asked to come up with some fast and easy Christmas appetizers for a TV appearance. These are really delicious and couldn’t be easier. Best of all they can be made ahead and don’t need to be served hot. Give them a try and let me know what you think.

Cucumber, Pomegranate and Bacon Canape

Thinly sliced Cucumber

thin spread of low fat Philadelphia Cream Cheese

cover with Pomegranate seeds

Sprinkle with bacon bits.

serve chilled.

Raspberry Pecan Canape

Rice Cracker

thin spread of low fat Philadelphia Cream Cheese

a dab of Raspberry Jelly

one pecan.

Serve and enjoy

Kiwi and Raspberry Canape

Thinly sliced Kiwi

a dab of sour cream

one raspberry

serve and enjoy.

Whatever you make, have a great Christmas and a wonderful New Years.

Rob Barrett


  1. Ooo, Rob, I think I'll make your raspberry pecan canapes (how do you pronounce that? Can-uh-pay?). Just today I was looking for appetizer recipes. What kind of rice crackers did you use? --Joy Donley

  2. Joy,

    The rice crackers from Costco, they are the best. Good luck rb

  3. Costco doesn't sell the rice crackers any more. Do you have a second choice?

  4. Try the Sesmark rice crackers, especially the sesame version. You can get them at most grocery stores.

  5. Great recipes! The first two will be featured at our Boxing Day Party for the 2 youth basketball teams I coach (Grades 1 thru 4).

    Many thanks, and a very merry Christmas!

    Single Dad in WA

  6. everything looks delicious, going to try doing them...